RINGO, The Vendor Neutral Management System

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Vendor Neutral Management System

  • Vendor Neutral/ Vendor Friendly
  • Simplify contingent labor procurement process
  • Ensure compliance with current policies
  • Save up to 22.7%!
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Managed Services Program

  • Vendor Neutral/Vendor Friendly
  • Stay organized with electronic timesheets
  • Obtain constant communication
  • Manage workflow metrics
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Employer of Record

  • Build a strong temporary labor pool
  • Save money on labor spend
  • Employee benefits
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About US

RINGO provides Corporations, Healthcare Systems, and Suppliers with an end-to-end solution for streamlining the staffing process and providing technology for VMS, MSP, and EOR.
Vendor Neutral

A pioneer in the industry since 2001, RINGO was designed as a tool to provide increased accuracy, efficiency, cost containment and accountability in line with our client's strategic objectives for their contingent labor workforce. Providing a centralized portal to easily access and manage information regarding spending and usage, RINGO increases capabilities and efficiencies to manage operations and critical data for an unlimited population. All processes are designed to meet our Client's specifications in a user-friendly, neutral setting. Our commitment to quality ensures the highest standards of excellence to our valued partners and is the foundation upon which all services and relationships are built.

Everyone Agrees On Ringo

RINGO aligns itself with your company to meet your goals for cost-centric strategies for bottom line results in workforce management. Easy and effective for every type of user.
The Analyzer
The Analyzer
Procurement and accounting professionals count on RINGO to give them the numbers. The data the platform generates can easily measure costs, compare vendors by performance, track spend and help in forecasting and predicting spend cycles.
“I can track spend by department, user and cost center. Reports are available live when and where we need them.”
The User
The User
HR executives know that RINGO makes cumbersome processes more efficient and effective. Manual paperwork is eliminated and digital records make job descriptions, order requisitions, timesheet submissions and performance reviews faster, smarter and available with a single click.
“My team can work on their core duties instead of chasing down information from our suppliers. Our entire contingent talent process has been transformed!”
The Provider
The Provider
Staffing firms know that more and more client companies want to implement a VMS. By partnering with RINGO Vendor Management System, a staffing firm can market to a broader customer base and use technology to leverage their business relationships.
“RINGO adds value to my staffing business and enables me to offer more to my clients. It easily interfaces with our back office system, electronic timesheet submission. RINGO speeds up authorization, billing and payment cycles.”
The Talent
The Talent
Field talent-whether it be Temporary Office Talent, IT Consultants or Healthcare Per Diems all find RINGO to be an easy way to submit their hours and stay on top of their next paycheck.
“I was tired of paper timesheets and getting my site manager to sign off. Then I had to get the timesheet to my service. Now I just submit and click. I like that it’s easy and environmentally friendly.”


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