A pioneer in the industry since 2001, RINGO was designed as a tool to provide increased accuracy, efficiency, cost containment and accountability in line with our client's strategic objectives for their contingent labor workforce. 


Providing a centralized portal to easily access and manage information regarding spending and usage, RINGO increases capabilities and efficiencies to manage operations and critical data for an unlimited population. All processes are designed to meet our Client's specifications in a user-friendly, neutral setting.

Our commitment to quality ensures the highest standards of excellence to our valued partners and is the foundation upon which all services and relationships are built.


Our Mission Statement

By demonstrating the values that RINGO stands for in our everyday work, we have become a true leader in our industry. We take it upon ourselves to lead the way with great pride and total commitment.

We stand out. We motivate others to perform at their best leading towards ultimate success. “Partnering Together and Leading the Way”

Make Leadership all about RINGO



Our System

See how RINGO is the premier vendor neutral management system for healthcare and hospital systems and staffing industry partners in the United States.