Ringo As Managed Services Provider

How to Increase Efficiency Without Disrupting Existing Relationships

One of the strengths of the Ringo platform is our neutrality.

Many organizations have chosen to partner with Ringo for exactly this reason. You’ve worked hard to forge relationships with staffing providers that understand your organization and provide a valuable service.

With Ringo you can have your cake and eat it too. Our Managed Services Platform allows you to reduce the costs associated with contingent labor while gaining a clearer picture of your temporary labor spend. In addition to providing more than 20% savings on average to our partners, there are several hidden benefits associated with adopting Ringo as your MSP.

  • Limited employer liability for Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment, co-employment and discrimination claims.

  • Greatly improve cost containment and standardization measures.

  • Proactively review and adjust vendor success ratios, "time-to-fill" metrics and overall performance and costs via real-time reports providing insight into consumption and spending.

  • Only authorized users can access the platform, eliminating any deviance from company policies and processes and ensuring security. Authorized user actions appear in digital signature with date and time stamps.

  • Bill rates, overtime standards, shift differentials and adherence to start time and attendance components are captured and adhered to.

  • Historical Tracking and Documentation.
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In addition to providing more than

20% savings

on average to our partners, there are several hidden benefits associated with adopting Ringo as your MSP.

Ringo Is Value Driven, Cost Conscious, Vendor Neutral And Customer Centric

Ringo Values Your Staff's Time

Ringo automates several mundane and time consuming HR processes, thereby allowing key members of your team are able to focus on core duties and have time for more meaningful projects. Furthermore, any issues that arise are handled by a dedicated Ringo facilitator who remains part of your team from implementation and beyond.

Maintain & Enhance Existing Staffing Relationships

Because Ringo is a cost-neutral system, adopting the platform is straightforward and without friction from staffing partners. You’ll gain a full and clear view of each partner’s capabilities and ensure consistent performance standards are being maintained by vendors on the Ringo platform. Your organization can monitor on a daily basis and in real-time, which staffing vendors are capable of filling your orders, their individual response times, aggregate costs and overall effectiveness.

Consistent Standards & Protocols

One thing we hear from our partners time and again is how grateful they are to have consistency and standards in their operation. Staffing vendor and job fulfillment criteria is established according to universal standards and consistently communicated and monitored for all staffing suppliers. Moreover, authorizations for temporary workforce hiring are clearly defined and rigorously upheld according to your organization’s requirements.

Ringo’s reporting modules help you track utilization, production and performance to ensure quality standards and we’re happy to customize reporting to your specific needs.

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When we onboard a new relationship, we work behind the scenes to power your program in an effort to achieve your goals in the least disruptive way possible. We stay in constant contact with all authorized staffing suppliers to ensure business runs smoothly. Our dedicated support team will help to ensure that managers, staffing providers and temporary associates are working in compliance with current SLA’s and procedures.

  • Create open and direct relationships with staffing partners
  • Implement and co-facilitate program goals and SLA’s
  • Provide training and support
  • Simplify operations and finance communication
  • Access to over 400 staffing partners
  • Facilitate compliance standards


Before we examine some additional details, let’s review the big picture.

  • More than 20% savings on temporary labor spending
  • Increased transparency into your contingent spend
  • Defined processes and protocols
  • 100% Vendor Neutral so you can maintain your existing relationships
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Reduced timesheet fraud
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Customized reporting and workflows
  • Eliminates duplicate HR efforts
  • Allows your team to focus on bigger projects

That’s the big picture, what about the details?

The proven results of adopting the Ringo platform are well documented. Here’s a quick look at some of details inherent to the platform:

  1. Order requisition and fulfillment can be tracked online.
  2. Timesheets may be submitted and approved 24/7 via authorized users.
  3. Management reports are generated in real-time based upon various criteria of actual spending and usage by:
    • Assignment length
    • Calendar period
    • Consolidated
    • Department
    • Facility
    • Location
    • Manager
    • Overtime worked
    • Region
    • Skilled category
    • Vendor
  4. One invoice reflecting all staffing vendors or customized invoicing per vendor
  5. Ability to print invoices and reprints
  6. Tracking and verification of all timesheets, bill rates, overtime and shift differentials
  7. Client sees one invoices regardless of staffing vendor or activity
  8. Interactive invoice links to actual timesheets, job order, approved rates, authorized adjustment comments, sill evaluations.
  9. Digital signature, date and timestamp of authorized approver and staffing vendor assuring correct staffing budgets.
  10. Ability to sort invoice by partial period, department, division and employee

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