Been There. Still Doing It.

Because we’ve been around for more than 15 years as the leading vendor management system and managed service provider for small to mid-sized hospitals, physician practice groups and ambulatory facilities, we’ve seen a lot.

Being a leader in technology isn’t always a good thing. If you don’t stay fresh, relevant and innovative, there’s always a new competitor and solution waiting in the wings. We think it’s fair to say that few industries have experienced change and upheaval to the degree that healthcare has over the past couple of decades. One simple guiding principle has allowed Ringo to stay abreast of these changes and remain competitive in such a dynamic market:



Our platform is continually adapting and changing based upon our client feedback. Our relationships are vital to our success, which is why we constructed a platform that meets the needs of our clients as they maneuver through the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

This guiding principle has allowed us to stay focused on our core strategy:



Knowing who we work for and why we’re successful is absolutely critical. Some vendor management systems and managed service providers try to be all things to all people. We developed the Ringo platform to specifically address the needs of the following clients:

  • Small to Mid-Sized Hospitals
  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Facilities
  • Physician Practice Groups
  • Healthcare Staffing Firms
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Something for Everyone


For the CEO

  • Transparency into spend and related metrics
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions
  • Simple integration into enterprise systems
  • Vendor funded and vendor neutral

For the CFO

  • Reduce contingent labor costs by more than 20%
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Greater coordination between departments
  • Easy onboarding and intuitive interface ensures high level of adoption

For the Nurse Manager Learn More

  • Electronic Timesheet submission and tracking
  • Ensure full compliance with certificate tracking
  • Automated processes gives back needed time
  • Simple interface with customized options available

For the HR Manager

  • Overtime Tracking
  • Dedicated Ringo onboarding specialist and support team
  • Improve hiring processes
  • Maintain your current staffing relationships
  • Determine efficiency of each staffing partner

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We work with hospital systems, physician practices and healthcare providers all around the country. Our vendor neutral platform helps in all areas of temporary labor spend from timesheets and overtime management to certification and compliance tracking.  Please help us learn more about your needs as we continue to innovate and evolve by filling out this brief survey below:

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