Ringo is an effective antidote in the fight to compete with large systems, stay ahead of the technology curve and operate more efficiently.

Our vendor neutral vendor management system has several important features that help physician practices manage overtime costs, track temporary labor and analyze cost metrics more closely and transparently.

But there’s one feature that supersedes them all…




Take back meaningful hours in the day to practice medicine.





There are several features within Ringo that are practice-centric and allow physician owners to operate efficiently and save money.

  • No cost to the practice. Vendors bear the cost of the platform.
  • Maintain your current vendor. Ringo is vendor neutral so you can keep your relationships with staffing providers.
  • Relieves the burden of tracking timesheets
  • Ensures that your locums are certified and in compliance
  • Reduces contingent labor costs by more than 20%
  • Enhanced reporting features offer transparency into temporary labor spending
  • Easy onboarding and intuitive interface
  • Allows your practice group to scale in order to meet increasing demand

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We work with hospital systems, physician practices and healthcare providers all around the country. Our vendor neutral platform helps in all areas of temporary labor spend from timesheets and overtime management to certification and compliance tracking.  Please help us learn more about your needs as we continue to innovate and evolve by filling out this brief survey below: