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In the wake of the Covid pandemic, a different belief-driven employee has emerged – someone seeking a strong fit between their own values and their employer’s core values. Social impact, collaboration between coworkers and a true belief in the service, function or product of an organization define what many workers want for their careers. It’s how we hire and nurture the members of the Ringo workforce.

For more than 20 years, Ringo has embraced a set of core values that ensure everyone in the organization is working toward the same common goal and working together – all sharing in a bigger purpose. Everyday our teams here at Ringo just “get to work” with energy, effort and a best foot forward attitude.

When I first started my career, I began in an environment where it was “Company before Team and Team before I.” I’m very thankful that today here at Ringo, it is the same culturally. There are few factors that contribute more to a business’ success than culture and at the heart of culture are an organization’s core values.

Ringo is a company comprised of a group of individuals working towards a shared mission inside our very own ecosystem. Together we decide on our core values and live and embrace them each day. The coolest part is each year we gather as a company and attend our Ringo Summit meeting. During our time together we review our Core Values, and everyone has a seat at the executive decision-making level. Contributions and communication are a mainstay of the event.

We have turned our beliefs into values. When we use our values to make the best decisions, we focus on what is important to us and to those partners we serve. In doing so, we gain a sense of well-being, purpose and belonging.

The Core Values that guide Ringo are defined by actions, accountability, and transparency…

  • We Always Respond
  • We Are Agile
  • We Collaborate to Create and Solve
  • We Keep People “IN” Technology
  • We Like What We Do
  • We Do More

Anyone at Ringo can tell you more about our core values and how we apply them to our relationships, our partnerships as a Company, and as both a Team and as Individuals. As our Ringo Partners identify opportunities to provide a brand-new modern technology solution in healthcare, we are thrilled to offer Ringo’s best-in-class VMS Technology platform. We apply our core values as listed above to drive the highest quality of service and ease of relationship. We work to simplify how devices and people connect with the latest technology and that in turn, enables greater efficiency and results for our Partner community with DIAMOND level support from our team. Simply put, We Do More!  

We look forward to this last quarter of 2022 and continuing to share Ringo’s core values with our community. We are always here to have a conversation or answer any questions.


Shani Underwood
COO, Managing Director