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The evolution and continued growth of the VMS

There has been a stigma around Vendor Management Systems since they made their debut more than a decade ago. For the client introduction of the VMS was a game changer. It made day-to-day responsibilities much easier to manage. However, some staffing suppliers were not equally enthusiastic about the platform when their clients chose to implement one. Its use reduced much of the face-to-face and personal familiarity of daily business. It also reduced their profits due to VMS fee structure requiring staffing firms to pay a profit percentage to the VMS (there is no cost to the client users which is why it was so well received). As it became more common, more and more staffing suppliers began to embrace the use of the VMS as a value added component to their business. Now many years later it is apparent that Vendor Management is here to stay. As technology, mobility and virtualization have become more widespread, VMS adoption has grown. The technology is more robust and the use of a Contingent Workforce Management plan has increased. Below is an excellent article from staffingindustry.com explaining the evolution of the VMS and makes some predictions of how the technology will change in the years ahead.