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Case Study

Stony Brook Medicine


Ringo digitally transformed Stony Brook's paper-based operations into a centralized workforce platform.



Before implementing Ringo, Stony Brook Medicine Clinical Practice Plan's processes were in total disarray. There was de-centralization, minimal structure, and limited understanding of the analysis of their workforce and they were still operating as a paper-based organization. At the time of joining Ringo, Stony Brook had 17 practice corporations all operating in silos.


Stony Brook needed a technology that could integrate with their current tech stack with little to no downtime to implement. Ringo’s technology digitally transformed Stony Brook’s paper-based organization into a digital powerhouse.

Ringo assisted with the technological culture shift at Stony Brook with a team that built trust and a platform that was easy to use and easy to adopt. 


Consolidated Billing

Ringo digitized Stony Brook’s outdated processes by migrating all paper documents into their platform. This allowed for increased visibility and consolidation of all invoices and timesheets.

Analytics and Reporting

Ringo’s extensive analytics and reporting tools allowed Stony Brook to manage their operations and take control of their workforce with custom reporting to drill down into their procurement process.

Centralized Management

Ringo’s platform took Stony Brook’s operations from a de-centralized model to a centralized model. Ringo provided one central document storage to manage all contracts delivering transparency and cost control management. The platform gave Stony Brook a bird’s eye view of all their workforce allowing visibility into their workforce. 

At a Glance


  • Digitalization
  • No centralization
  • Lack of visibility


  • Consolidated billing
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Centralized management