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Changing Course Can Gain Time

The staffing solution that has brought about the greatest change to time management of temporary talent in the last decade is without a doubt – the vendor management system (VMS).

Too often the burden of managing contingent talent is a full time job for a member of an organization’s HR team. Although it’s just supposed to be one of many responsibilities, it tends to become cumbersome and difficult because each staffing supplier used by an organization has their own process and method for communicating information about the temporary talent they provide. There are numerous emails and phone calls to vendors to place the requisition, then there’s the tedious labor of conveying job descriptions, the idiosyncrasies of the department, the review of candidates. It’s endless.

Time is the commodity that all of us never seem to have enough of. The staffing solution that has brought about the greatest change to time management of temporary talent in the last decade is without a doubt – the vendor management system (VMS). A VMS takes all of the time consuming tasks of hiring contingent labor and simplifies each one by bringing them to a centralized, easy to access, user friendly platform. While most giant, global employers have adopted VMS usage, the medium to large size firms are sometimes still reluctant to change their ways. We struggle to understand why?

To us, it is a clear choice between time and process.

Here are 7 key ways that a VMS like RINGO, can save you time and money via a robust platform.

  1. Simplify order entry
    Preloaded job descriptions, titles and required skill sets reduces time spent on creating individual orders. Using an easy to follow form, an order placer’s request is virtually immediate.

  2. Submit requisitions to multiple vendors with one click of a button
    Save time emailing and contacting various vendors when requesting candidates for an order. One or multiple providers may be selected to receive a requisition when creating an order.

  3. Review all submitted candidates with required documentation
    Vendors can submit a candidate and his/her resume, licenses and any additional documents directly through the open order. The VMS lets the user approve or reject the talent and creates an audit trail including electronic signature, date and time-stamp.

  4. View associate credential information and documents
    For organizations where compliance is key, they are able to stay current via automatic notifications sent when credentials are nearing expiration to alert the user. The VMS does the tracking.

  5. Eliminate the paper timesheet process
    With electronic timesheet processing, each associate enters his/her hours directly into the platform and a notification is automatically sent to the manager for approval. All approvals are documented with an electronic signature and audit trail. Electronic timesheets eliminate the need to hunt down and sign off on paper – not to mention copies, paper storage, duplication and delays.

  6. Consolidated Billing Invoice (CBI) and Managed Payment Service (MPS)
    Combines all vendor invoices into one electronic invoice with supporting documentation. It’s a digital invoice offering all information for every supplier in a consistent, universal format.

  7. Access to live reports in one place
    View a myriad of metrics such as labor spend, vendor activity, statement adjustments and talent performance ratings. All of these reports are captured live and are stored directly in the platform for view anywhere and anytime.

A VMS changes the life of an HR department for chores that traditionally took many hours of work by multiple people. American author Henry David Thoreau said, “Things do not change. We change.” The adoption of a VMS platform will let each person who touches the contingent talent process change – in a way that is meaningful, fiscally responsible, time saving and productive. To create positive change in your work environment, explore the possibilities of a VMS – we would be happy to share an easy demo of the platform at your earliest convenience. www.goRingo.com