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What’s Next for Staffing?

Labor and staffing needs will undoubtedly change as we move into 2021 on the heels of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 
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As the economy continues its recovery, many staffing firms find themselves back in the same spot as before the crisis–many jobs and few qualified candidates. Other firms are struggling to find new business. 

To help with these concerns, Ringo recently presented an educational webinar on Maximizing the Rebound: How to Get the Most Out of the Recovery.” Whichever group you fit into, this webinar is especially important for your labor force and staffing needs. 

In case you missed the live Sept. 10 presentation, we invite you to view the full on-demand video recording. Simply click the video below to access the full webinar and audience Q&A session.  

View this webinar to learn invaluable industry information for your organization, such as:

  • How the Current Economy Is Impacting Staffing and Where It’s Headed
  • How to Capitalize on the Industry’s Most Beneficial Factors
  • How to Maximize Recruiting & Sales Opportunities Moving into 2021

Our presenter, Tom Erb, is President of TallAnn Resources, and a nationally recognized staffing industry speaker and advisor. 

Watch it here:

During the webinar, Tom discussed a variety of factors related to the staffing industry landscape as we look ahead through the end of the year and into 2021. These include the importance of reviewing and revising your staffing and labor planning, opportunities, and economic factors. Each of these factors will be especially important as we move into 2021 amidst the current economic landscape.

One way to ensure you're set up for success regardless of the economic cycle is to own every facet of your client relationships. To learn more about how Ringo can help you to take control of your businesswith zero upfront costbook a time to talk to us today.