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Temporary Staffing Management with Ringo’s New Feature

Ringo is enhancing our platform to further help you manage your temporary staffing process
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Ringo is enhancing our platform to further help you manage your temporary staffing process!

The Current Activity report shows you every temporary employee that is currently working. Also, it provides a detailed overview of your temporary staffing. This information includes the vendors used, department utilizing labor, start and end date of jobs and more.

current activity

Now you can export this report!

This report is useful for determining several different metrics…

  • View how many jobs are currently active by department
  • See which vendors are currently in use and which associates they are employing
  • Get a breakdown of what departments are utilizing temporary staffing
  • Observe how much billing an associate has incurred to date

By exporting this data into an Excel spreadsheet, its easy to get a quick big picture analysis of your temporary labor.

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