Achieving LEAN Methodology in Healthcare Through Ringo VMS

Achieving LEAN Methodology in Healthcare Through Ringo VMS The concept of “Lean” was born in manufacturing, yet it can apply to all business environments – especially healthcare. Lean thinking begins with driving out waste so that all work adds value and serves the customer’s needs. By identifying value added and non-value-added steps in every process,[…]

Prevent Security Threats with Basic Steps

On Monday, there was a worldwide cyberattack termed by the media as “WannaCry.” This “ransomware” hit 150 countries and paralyzed computers in Hospitals, Railways, Government Agencies, banks, factories and many other businesses around the globe. A reported 29,372 companies were affected in China alone. The virus used a vulnerability in a windows environment and attacked[…]

Vendor Case Study

RINGO has partnered with many Staffing Vendors throughout the years. We have always developed strong relationships with our partners. Below is a Case Study to provide you insight on how RINGO was able to assist one of our Staffing Partners improve their service offerings and build a better relationship with their client. Click to enlarge

New Overtime Law

A new law was passed earlier this year that will change the Department of Labor overtime threshold from $23,660 per year to over double that amount at $47,476. The overtime salary threshold has not been adjusted since 2004. This applies to all businesses regardless of size and almost all positions with no exception for specific[…]

The New Gig Economy

Gig economy has become a common term that refers to the growing use of temporary and contract workers. The use of these independent talent has seen a surge across almost every field of work. Companies are not the only ones finding temporary work beneficial, many workers have expressed that they enjoy the flexibility of contract labor[…]

National Staffing Employee Week

This past week the American Staffing Association (ASA) celebrated National Staffing Employee Week. The ASA put this week in place as a way to honor the large community of flexible workers that regularly work for staffing companies. More than 3 million temporary and contract professionals work for America’s staffing companies on a weekly basis. Based[…]

Temporary Staffing Management with Ringo’s New Feature

Ringo is enhancing our platform to further help you manage your temporary staffing process! The Current Activity report shows you every temporary employee that is currently working. Also, it provides a detailed overview of your temporary staffing. This information includes the vendors used, department utilizing labor, start and end date of jobs and more. Now you can export this report! This[…]

New Ringo Enhancement

Ringo has enhanced our “Statement Adjustment” Report! This is a great feature we offer for users that process invoices. You can now easily review your vendors statement adjustments in an organized Excel spreadsheet with the click of the mouse! No need to go into each vendors individual invoice to view their adjustments, which may include things such[…]


Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning

Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning are two powerful approaches to building, engaging and retaining staff. Though both tactics have similar goals, the execution is very different. Together, they build a solid labor force able to weather changes in the economy and industry. Talent Management for Human Resources Talent Management is an HR process designed[…]