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Ringo CEO Keith Banks Featured on Podcast Discussing Evolution of VMS

During a recent appearance on the ‘Inbound & Down’ podcast, Ringo CEO Keith Banks shared his thoughts on the evolution of the temporary labor in the staffing industry, and how he spotted a gap in the market for Ringo to fill.

Ringo CEO Keith Banks recently appeared on ‘Inbound & Down,’ a podcast by Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency Morey Creative Studios, to discuss his approach to helping companies develop temporary staffing solutions.

Throughout his interview, Banks touches on several themes related to temporary staffing, describing how the idea to build Ringo came out of his long history at the helm of Lloyd Staffing, a Long Island-based staffing agency.

Recalling his time at Lloyd, Banks details the evolution of temporary employees being viewed as “flighty” to a “mainstay of a company’s organizational and talent workflow.” As such, the role of talent managers—both in healthcare and across various other industries—has become increasingly strategic, demanding the maintenance of full pipelines to meet staffing requirements in a timely manner.

Why Ringo Works for Healthcare Providers

As most industry observers know, the U.S. healthcare industry currently faces significant staffing challenges, for both doctors and nurses. To cope, many providers have come to rely on temporary staffing to fill gaps and ensure excellent levels of patient care.

However, processes for managing these programs are often inconsistent, and can easily lead to inefficiencies and cost overruns—factors that increase exponentially as the size of the organization grows.

That exact issue prompted Banks to start Ringo. As he notes in the podcast, talent leaders at many companies and healthcare providers often don’t have a full picture of their vendor relationships. In some instances, Banks says, leaders realized their “spend was probably 30 times what they knew, because it was very decentralized, there were no budgets around it, there was no workflow, no process around it, no checks and balances ... And that’s where the concept of vendor management, or VMS, came about.”

At heart, Banks explains the decision to develop Ringo’s technology came from his desire to help clients reduce wasted time, effort and money.

“What’s the purpose of all technologies?” he asks. “To improve efficiencies, improve workflow, save some money, and give you more controls.”

To hear more of his thoughts on issues related to temporary staffing and vendor management—including the story behind Ringo’s name—listen to the full ‘Inbound & Down’ episode with Banks now. 

To learn more about how Ringo’s end-to-end processes can save your organization more than 20% on contingent labor costs, read about our Vendor Management System.