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Make Your Staffing Company Indispensable by Becoming a Managed Service Provider

Implementing a VMS and becoming a managed service provider (MSP) helps reclaim client relationships and improve value propositions, among other advantages.

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How to Improve Your Staffing Management Plan

To maximize the efficacy of your staffing management plan, determine staffing requirements, coordinate staffing goals, adjust your strategies accordingly, follow up, and analyze your results for ongoing improvement.

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CEO Quick Chat With RINGO's Keith Banks

RINGO CEO Keith Banks weighs in on the future of the company, new developments and team members, and the many industries that can benefit from its extraordinary Vendor Neutral Management System (VMS).

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Contingent Hospital Labor In High Demand & Need Intensifying

By 2030, America's largest generation of living adults, the Boomers, will have funneled into retirement age—including nurses and physicians. Contingent labor helps mitigate the heightened demand for healthcare workers, but there aren't enough industry graduates available to replenish the workforce.

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What Is a Vendor Management System?

A vendor management system (VMS) is a software as a service (SaaS) application that serves as a central hub for businesses to manage the contingent workforce. VMS functionality saves users time, money, and relationships, and facilitates staffing decisions based on hard data.

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